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Changes to OTE’s Arrival & Dismissal Routines
In light of recent events at schools across the country, RRISD is implementing some changes to improve security on campuses.  At Old Town Elementary we are dedicated to providing your children a safe and secure education. As a result, we have been reflecting on our practices and working to improve our procedures and have made some changes to our morning and afternoon routines.

Change to Morning Arrival Procedures
The first few days of school, parents may walk their students to class to get them acclimated to their new classroom.  Starting on Thursday, August 23rd, we will be asking adults to check into the front office at all times before entering the building.  This will include morning arrival.

Parents or family are welcome to escort their students into the building.  They will need to come through the front office, check in on the Raptor system, and wear a badge.  We hope this will ensure that we can track all adults and visitors who enter our building at all times.  While no system is foolproof, we feel it is very important to better regulate the free entry of adults into our building each morning.

Change to Afternoon Dismissal Procedures
All car riders (a car rider is defined as a student whose parent is physically in a vehicle waiting for their child’s name to  called) will continue to be picked up at the front entrance of the school. Parents picking up car riders should place the grade level sign with their student’s name on it in the windshield.   Car riders will wait inside the main hallway under the supervision of grade level teachers until their name is called. A staff member will call your student to meet you at a cone. Car riders should enter vehicles in the designated zone in the front of the building.  This zone is identified by orange cones. Safety patrol members are available to open & close the passenger doors only. Students with families that walk up and wait for them to be dismissed are not considered car riders.

Walkers, bike riders, and students whose families walk up to the  school to meet them will be dismissed through the cafeteria doors on the side of the school.  Students with family members that walk up to meet them will now wait with a grade level teacher by the tree in the front of the school until their family member arrives .  Families are asked to wait by the tree for their student(s). The change in the afternoon dismissal process will help alleviate congestion at the entrance of the school were car riders are dismissed.  

We respectfully ask that you please discuss the new procedures with your child at home too. We value your partnership and appreciate your willingness to walk your children to and from school.  We hope this will continue. We love to see families starting and ending their days together!

News from the Nurse
Welcome back!  Please keep in mind all medication forms must be renewed for this 2018-2019 school year.  Please refer to the RRISD policy regarding medications at school.

If there are new medical issues that have occurred since last year please notify me so that we can provide the best care possible.  Feel free to stop by the clinic, call or email me at any time – Elizabeth Clawson

Box Tops Information
Please keep saving your Box Tops!  We will have some contests this year!

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Don’t forget to check PeachJar for electronic flyers!

Round Rock ISD has partnered with eSchoolPLUS to release a new mobile app, eSchoolPLUS Family. The app allows parents and students who are registered with the Round Rock ISD home access center to stay connected using a smartphone. The eSchoolPLUS Family mobile app offers the convenience of immediate access to a student’s class work, schedule, grades and attendance from anywhere a smartphone or tablet can attain mobile service. The eSchoolPLUS Family mobile app is a free application available for Apple devices, Android, and Kindle Fire and Fire Phones and uses the same login and password as Home Access Center. The application can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon app store. More information, including device guides.

Library Website

Find out about reading resources to keep reading during the summer months!

WATCH D.O.G.S.® (Dads Of Great Students) is a nationally recognized program of the National Center for Fathering. The mission is about creating a safer atmosphere in our schools by using the positive influence of fathers and father figures. 
Click Here for more info: http://www.fathers.com/watchdogs/

At Old Town, WatchDOGS can provide another set of eyes and ears on campus to help maintain a safe and positive learning environment for our kids. We are here to serve the whole school and to help make an extra special day for our own kids.

Why should you join?
WatchDOGS are dads, grandfathers, uncles and other significant father-figures in our student’s lives. And whether it’s in the hallways, cafeteria or on the playground, having responsible men volunteering on campus has been shown to have a positive effect on all students. They see WatchDOGS as leaders, peacekeepers and helpers.

Teachers and Administration also appreciate WatchDOGS providing another level of support and accountability for our Old Town students.  Plus, your own kids will think you’re pretty cool!
What Kind of Jobs Do WatchDOGS Do?
WatchDOGS can serve a variety of different jobs—no shift will ever be the same or boring! Depending on when you’re able to serve, WatchDOGS assist with traffic duty, patrolling the hallways, opening milk cartons in the cafeteria, refereeing a football game at recess, reading a story in classroom, feeding the fish, carrying boxes, changing sign, escorting a sick student to the nurse’s station and exchanging hundreds of high-fives.
WatchDOGS may also get a proud hugs from their kids for sharing the day at their school.
How Much Time Does It Take?
Here’s what’s really great about the WatchDOGS program: You get to set your own schedule! You can spend an hour or a whole day. It’s up to you to set a schedule that works for you.
Here are some suggested short shifts to help you plan your day:
  • AM Drop off (7:20a-8a)
  • Lunch Duty (10:25a – 12:20p)
  • Lower El recess (9:30a-10:45a)
  • Upper El recess (5th – 11:15a, 4th – 1:30p, 3rd – 2:15p)
  • Reading in classroom (Per Teacher’s discretion)
  • Special events (TBA)
  • Regular tasks; moving boxes, updating signs, posting artwork (Contact Administration before coming)
  • PM Dismissal (2:30-3:15p)
Talk to you boss or work supervisor and tell them that you want to volunteer in your local school. They might give you some bonus time to spend serving!
How Do You Get Started?
Step 1: Complete the RRISD online volunteer registration: https://roundrockisd.org/departments/community-partnerships/volunteer-application/ (Note: It takes about 48 hours to clear their system and approve you as a volunteer.)
Step 2: Contact our OTE WatchDOGS Coordinator, Dane Larson – to get connected to the OTE WatchDOGS Group.
Step 3: Pick a time when you can serve and notify your student’s teacher, the office Administrator, or your OTE WatchDOGS Coordinator

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