2014-2015 School Supply Information:

Lists per grade level:

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Transportation Information:
The Round Rock ISD transportation department is asking parents of school bus riding students to regularly check their route information throughout the first few weeks of school using the district's online bus route application. 

Parents can visit
RoundRockISD.org/BusRoutes to use the Transfinder system to determine their student's pick-up and drop-off times.  The system requires parents to enter their home address and select their child's school.

Volunteer Application:

Any person wishing to volunteer in RRISD is required to complete a Volunteer Application each school year, to improve student safety. Please complete the online Volunteer application as early as possible.  The online application takes less than five minutes to complete and will be processed within 48 hours. It is important to use your legal name and click “Submit” in order for the application to be processed. To complete the process, you must bring your photo id to campus the first time for verification and to be scanned.

PBL in Action:

Library Information:
If you uncovered any library books this summer, please return them to the school.